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About SoCal Elite Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Irvine, CA

SoCal Elite Physical Therapy aims to provide the best treatment possible established on quality, function, and evidence-base practice. No matter the challenge, we believe that everyone deserves a comfortable space for personal growth physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We're proud to be the premier provider of 1-on-1 physical therapy treatment services in Orange County. Unlike most physical therapy clinics, SoCal Elite does not use aides or assistants. All of our sessions are spent 1-on-1 with the provider or resident and often times with a provider AND resident.

SoCal Elite Physical Therapy strives to provide our clients the best physical therapy services by spearheading our practices with unique, adaptable, and versatile exercises. SoCal Elite Physical Therapy encourages clients in life’s most meaningful journeys. We aspire to inspire our clients to reach their full potential in life that displays integrity, humility, and love.


SoCal Elite offers a variety of physical therapy treatment services to patients in Irvine and Orange County.

image of Injury Prevention exercises in San Diego

Injury Prevention

and Exercise Programs

image of Acute Injury exercises in San Diego

Acute Injury

and Post-Op Care

image of Reconditioning exercises in San Diego


following Deconditioning

image of Balance Training exercises in San Diego

Balance Training

and Exercises

image of Vestibular exercises in San Diego


and Neurological Rehab

image of Biomechanical Assessment exercises in San Diego

Biomechanical Assessment

and Body Analysis

image of Pediatric Rehab exercises in San Diego

Pediatric Rehab

and Physical Therapy

image of Elite Sports Training exercises in San Diego

Elite Sports Training

and Sports Rehabilitation

image of Torticollis exercises in San Diego


and Plagiocephaly Treatment


SoCal Elite Physical Therapy is contracted with numerous health insurance providers to offer in-network physical therapy services.
These include, but are not limited to:

  • Aetna
  • Align
  • ASH
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Covered California
  • Medicare
  • Medi-Medi Insurance
  • MedRisk
  • MultiPlan
  • Scripps EPO/PPO
  • TriCare
  • TriWest
  • United HealthCare
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Veteran's Administration

We also offer affordable cash rates for all physical therapy and performance training services. Contact us to learn more.

Our Location

SoCal Elite Physical Therapy Proudly Serves Orange County.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the members of the SoCal Elite Physical Therapy team.

Paul Roh

Paul Roh

PT, DPT, CAFS, MOT | President & Founder

Paul’s interest in physical therapy grew from his own injuries growing up. He has always had a passion to help others and a fascination with the human body and how it works. Paul finds himself at home when treating his patients and enjoys helping them reach their maximum performance levels. In his free time, Paul enjoys playing basketball and managing a non-profit youth sports organization.

Jessica Slette

Jessica Slette


Jessica’s passion for helping others with health and wellness began early on in her life while completing caregiver duties part-time during high school. As she transitioned into college, she became fascinated with the human body, movement, and improving individual wellness. She appreciates the impact on the quality of life that physical therapy has to offer and enjoys taking part in assisting patients to reach their personal goals. Outside of the clinic, Jessica loves hiking, biking, cooking, exploring the outdoors, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Ethan Warner

Ethan Warner


Ethan’s interest in physical therapy began with being raised in an athletic household where he competed in tennis, soccer, basketball, taekwondo, running, and rowing. He earned his kinesiology degree from Westmont College and his Doctor in Physical Therapy from George Washington University. He completed a rigorous residency and Certification in Functional Manual Therapy (CFMT) through the Institute of Physical Art in 2017. His goal to give every patient the best quality care and promote optimum function and wellness. He and his wife, Tammy, enjoy staying active with hiking, traveling, weightlifting, and running.

Dawn Tran

Dawn Tran


Dawn’s passion for Occupational Therapy stems from the need to help her mom’s arthritic hands from cutting hair for 20 years and counting! Once Dawn found that there was so much more to Occupational therapy than just meets the hand, she dived into pediatrics/ geriatrics and loved every moment of it. On her free time, when she’s not lifting wrists and fingers, she enjoys lifting weights, lifting her nephew, lifting pages in books, and lifting lids when she’s cooking.

Jeff Truong

Jeff Truong


Jeff’s passion for physical therapy stemmed from a shoulder injury while wrestling in high school. He was inspired by the personable care he received from his physical therapist and wanted to serve others in the same way, helping them do what they love again to their fullest potential. He enjoys learning about the human body to optimize performance and has high aspirations of one day dunking. In his free time, he loves staying active through volleyball, snowboarding, surfing, powerlifting, and hiking.

Dani Gordon

Dani Gordon


Dani’s interest in health and fitness began playing a variety of different sports while she was growing up. She has always been passionate about helping others and interested in how the human body moves. She enjoys how physical therapy allows her to get to know what is most important to her patients to best assist them in maximizing their quality of life by improving their ability to do what they love most. In her free time, she enjoys staying active by lifting weights, skating, and hiking, as well as going to concerts, watching sports, and trying new foods.

Martin Nguyen

Martin Nguyen

PT, DPT, CAFS | Vice President

Martin's interest for physical therapy was sparked by overcoming his own injuries as a competitive basketball player and long-distance runner while growing up in Texas. He enjoys taking the journey with his patients through the process of rehabilitation, teaching them about their own bodies, and watching them leave pain-free with a smile. Outside of the clinic, he enjoys playing pick-up basketball at the local gym, running along the beach, and trying new foods.

Navid Hannanvash

Navid Hannanvash

PT, DPT, CSCS, FMR, CAFS, FAFS, AT Ret. | Co-Founder

In addition to striving to set up environments to provide the most quality care to his patients, Navid enjoys spending time with his friends and family, walking his wolf Jasmine around town, and all things sports (especially basketball) and food related.




Ruta’s interest in physical therapy started at a young age, seeing her mom help many around her. She followed her footsteps into a fulfilling career, earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, from Columbia University in 2015. She is trained in classical Indian dance forms, loves to play sports, do yoga, go on hikes/walks with family and friends; she believes that movement has strength, it serves our mind and brings happiness to our heart. She provides care to improve quality of life and overall wellness, and loves treating all age groups. When not in the clinic, you'll probably catch her in the sun, out in nature, or thinking about her next meal!

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