Injury Prevention

Woman performing physical therapy on a woman's shoulder


Injury Prevention and Exercise Programs

At SoCal Elite, we believe that preventing an injury may be just as, if not more important than, rehabilitating an injury. Injury prevention can lead to improved energy levels, elevated mood, improved ability to engage in daily activities, improved athletic performance, and the overall increased quality of life. As a service to the community we offer Free Injury Assessments in Irvine. Please contact us to schedule a free injury assessment, or stop by our office!

More services we offer

SoCal Elite offers a variety of physical therapy treatment services to patients in Irvine and Orange County.

Close up shot of a physical therapist massaging a knee

Acute Injury

& Post-Op Care

Male physical therapist preforming sports pt with a man


following Deconditioning

Male physical therapist preforming balance training with an elderly man

Balance Training

& Exercises

Male physical therapist preforming biomechanical assessment on a male

Biomechanical Assessment

and Body Analysis

Male physical therapist preforming pediatric pt with a child

Pediatric Rehab

and Physical Therapy

Male physical therapist preforming sports training with another man

Elite Sports Training

and Sports Rehabilitation

Two people performing medical assessment


and Plagiocephaly Treatment

Male physical therapist preforming neurological rehabilitation on a elderlywoman


and Neurological Rehab